The Top 20 Best Architecture Dissertation Topics

While perusing a degree in architecture you will have to submit a dissertation on the subject. If you are a student of architectural designs then you already know how harrowing the experience can be specially if you do not have the right topic to begin with. The first step towards any dissertation is selecting a topic but architecture is a vast field and finding the most suitable topic is not always an easy job. But without the right topic you will be left with a rushing deadline and no project to meet it with. So in order to get you started here are few sample topics that will help you in making up your mind. It will at least get you an idea on how to get about choosing a topic.

Twenty best dissertation topic for future architects:

  1. How to build a better future through modern building designs.
  2. Creating green city can actually impact the carbon footprint. How to make an actual positive impact through architectural designs.
  3. An architect’s assessment on the renovation of a famous world heritage structure. You can present case studies of various churches and mosques throughout the world that have been renovated by famous architects.
  4. The role played by government in maintaining heritage structures. How can it be implemented in a better fashion?
  5. How improper planning can lead to willful destruction and create sordid urban landscapes.
  6. How an unplanned city is any architect’s nightmare. Steps that can be implemented to make an unplanned city beautiful.
  7. How to make a building last for thousands of years in an earthquake prone region.
  8. Designs that can save lives during natural calamities like Tsunamis.
  9. A detailed study on the development of a specific type of architecture. How the designs and concept evolved over the years.
  10. The different approaches that can be taken towards a greener environment through architectures.
  11. How to plan a change in the civic architecture of one of the busiest cities in the world.
  12. How the ancient sewerage systems worked and what we can learn from it.
  13. How to incorporate utilities in the design.
  14. Best way to build a castle that will hold under siege.
  15. How the gothic architecture merged with Muslim designs.
  16. How to mix science of architecture with art.
  17. Best way to build a tall building.
  18. Architecture of houses in extreme cold environment.
  19. Effective ways to demolish a structure.
  20. How to expand a heritage structure without appearing out of place.