Looking for a professionally written sample of dissertation proposal

A dissertation proposal is very important, since your funding hinges on it. Your perspective supervisor, along with many other members of your faculty, see the proposal. Thus, you need to ensure that your proposal is very good and makes a strong impression on your professors. This guide will show you how to write a killer proposal, along with where to find some samples online.

  • Aims
  • The aim of a proposal is to talk about why you want to undertake the research that you want funding for. As such, you need to choose a topic that will provide some important research back into the subject you are writing a dissertation for. When choosing a topic to write about you need to ensure that it will allow you to bring in many sources and discuss various opinions by experts pertaining to it.

  • Introduction
  • The introduction of your proposal should explain why you are undertaking the research, and give some background information on it. Briefly discuss why this is an area that needs further investigation, and the point at which the current research is at.

  • Dissertation Methodology
  • This section will discuss the methods you aim to implement to do your research. You will discuss what sort of data you expect to gather, and what sources you will be using. Discussing your research sources is important, as it shows your professors that you can be trusted to independently conduct research of your own. You should also discuss why your chosen method of gathering data is more appropriate than other ones.

  • Aims and Objectives
  • This is an important part of your proposal. Here, you will discuss what you aim to achieve from your work, and how it can further the field as a whole. You should discuss what results you expect as a result of your research.

  • Constraints
  • You also need to discuss, and take into consideration, the possible constraints and limitations of your research. This will show your professors that you are knowledgeable enough to acknowledge the drawbacks of your own work.

  • Writing Agencies
  • If you need further help, and some excellent samples of dissertation proposals, then it is best to give an online writing agency a visit. They have many proposals from successful students who have written high quality thesis papers.

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